Changes of Directors2015.06.01.

We hereby infrom the following changes for Directors, which were approved at our Board of Directors’ meeting today.

As of June 17, 2015, planned New Directors is as follows.

Planned New Organization of Director as of June 17,2015

NAKAMURA, HiroyukiReappointment(promoted): President
NAGAI, KeizoNew Appointment: Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Oversees Auditing Management Dept., Corporate Group
SAMITSU, MasahiroReappointment: Director, part-time work
SUZUKI, KazuyukiReappointment: Director, part-time work
YANAGISAWA, JyunzouReappointment: Director, part-time work
SUGIMACHI, MakotoReappointment: Director, part-time work
KAWAI, KazuhideReappointment: Director
Oversees Planning & Business Group
YOSHIOKA, SatoruReappointment: Director, Chief Information Officer
Oversees Marine Management Group

Planned Retiring Director as of June 17,2015

President ITO Takao

Retirement with the expiration of term of service.