Changes of Directors2018.05.29.

We hereby infrom the following changes for Directors, which were approved at our Board of Directors’ meeting on 29th May, 2018.

As of June 13, 2018, planned New Directors and Auditors are as follows.

Planned New Organization of Directors and Auditors as of June 13, 2018

SUZUKI, KazuyukiPromoted: President
OGASAWARA, KazuoNewly appointed: Executive Vice President, Auditing Management Dept.,
Corporate Analysis & Research Dept., Chief Compliance Officer
KAWAI, KazuhideRe-appointed: Executive Director, Planning & Business Group
URAGAMI, KoichiDirector, part-time work
TAMURA, KojiDirector, part-time work
OKURA, KojiRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
TERABAYASHI, TsutomuRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
YOSHIOKA, SatoruRe-appointed: Director, Marine Management Group
TSUKADA, ShigemiRe-appointed: Director, Corporate Group
MUTO, TakashiAuditor
TAKAHASHI, EiichiAuditor, part-time work
KAMATA, YoshiakiAuditor, part-time work

Planned Retiring Director as of June 13,2018

President NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki

Retirement with the expiration of term of service.