2022.06.01.Announcement of planned new organization of Directors and Auditors

We hereby inform the following new organization of directors, which were approved at our board of directors’ meeting on 1 June, 2022. As of June 20, 2022, planned new directors are as follows.

Planned New Organization of Directors and Auditors as of June 20, 2022

OGASAWARA, KazuoRe-appointed: President, Overall, Chairman of board of directors,
NAGANO, ShigeoRe-appointed: Executive Vice President, Sales & Operations Group, Chief Compliance Officer
TSUKADA, Shigemi Promoted: Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Planning Dept.,
Human Resources & General Affairs Group, Finance & Accounting Group, Chief Information Officer
ADACHI, KenichiRe-appointed: Director, Ship Management Group
KASHIMA, NobuhiroRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
SUNADA, ShigefumiRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
UEDA, NaokiRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
MATSUDA, SeitaRe-appointed: Director, part-time work
TOKORO, TakehiroAuditor, Chairman of board of auditors
TAKAHASHI, Yoshio Auditor, part-time work
MARUYAMA, ToruAuditor, part-time work

No changes of Auditors since they are in their tenure.