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Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 by Yawata Steel Corporation (now NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION) and the five companies of the Mitsubishi Group as an industrial carrier responsible for transporting iron ore from Chile’s Atacama Mine to Yawata Steel Corporation.  After overcoming many rough waves, we reached and celebrated the 60th anniversary last year. Based on customer responsiveness ​backed by high quality of ship management cultivated over many years, we are steadily advancing our progress as a multi-industrial carrier responsible for marine transportation of our representative customers, such as electric power companies, major steel companies, natural resource majors, and grain majors, in addition to our shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line.

In 2020, the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on people’s activities since the beginning of the year. In Japan, a state of emergency was declared in April. Even after withdrawal ​of the said State of Emergency in May, media ​are reporting related information every day. Natural disasters, including typhoon are becoming more severe year by year. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences and sympathies to those who have been directly or indirectly damaged.  I would like to pay tribute to those who are committed to the rescue operation as well as those who have been making efforts to maintain daily social activities, including medical professionals.

Shipping industry is very dynamic. It has historically been exposed to major changes in the world’s political and economic environment. While we protect our employees’ lives from infections and disasters, we will not stop our fleet ​and we will keep our customers’ cargo on the move globally.  We will try to take on new work styles while managing the crisis.  Although we cannot wipe out uncertainties about future business environment, we will work as one to overcome difficulties and play an important part in the marine transportation service that is indispensable to ​the society.

We will respond appropriately to environmental measures that will become increasingly important in the future. We will further refine the quality of our manning and ship management and strive for safe transportation. Especially, we are focusing on human resource development for our seafarers. Under our corporate slogan “Leave it to us”, we would like to continue to be a good partner that is truly trusted and selected by our customers and society. We will fulfill our responsibilities to all stakeholders through sustainable business development and bold innovation toward the future, without losing our universal values, including the “Three Principles” shared by the Mitsubishi Group.

September 2020

Kazuyuki Suzuki

Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd.
President Kazuyuki Suzuki