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2022.01.05.MOT Donated Nautical Chart Envelopes to the Japan Braille Library!

As a volunteer activity, we make envelopes from nautical charts for shipping white canes used by people with visual impairments. On Thursday, December 16, 2021, we visited the Japan Braille Library and handed over the chart envelopes.

“The nautical chart envelopes are very useful and easy to use because they are durable and water-resistant.” said one of the staff at the Japan Braille Library, giving a detailed explanation about the goods for the visually disabled. She talked about how the library’s staff members are doing their best to support people with visual impairments through a wide range of activities, including the production of Braille books and audio books.

We will continue to carry out volunteer activities and contribute to society.

Nautical chart envelope
Volunteer activity in our meeting room
Braille displayer – a device that, when connected to a computer, identifies characters on the screen in real time and displays them in Braille by the rise and fall of white dots.
Goods for the visually disabled – calculators with read-out functions, watches that allow the user to check the time by directly touching the dial, etc.