Corporate slogan

Our corporate slogan at Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd. is “Leave it to us” representing our desire to earn the true trust of our customers and of society, and to continue to be selected as a valued partner.

We believe it is our mission to provide society and our customers with safety and security by providing high quality marine transport services and advanced ship management technologies, and through our business activities with their strong focus on compliance. Our business activities start from this “Leave it to us” philosophy, and it is the core belief that directs all of the activities of our executives and employees.

We do not settle for the way things are now, but always take on new challenges, with our eyes set on the future, while confidently offering a consistently high level of services and technologies, to impress on our stakeholders that they may truly “Leave it to us.”

Mitsubishi Ore Transport will continue to grow, striding boldly into the future.