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Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 by Yawata Steel Corporation (now NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION) and the five companies of the Mitsubishi Group as an industrial carrier responsible for transporting iron ore from Chile’s Atacama Mine to Yawata Steel Corporation. In the years since then, we have expanded our business fields to include dedicated automobile transport ships, wood chip transport ships, and the like, implemented a business strategy of optimizing our portfolio of specialized ships such as these and general-purpose bulk carriers for transporting diverse cargo, such as coal and grain, and developed into a common carrier with a high quality, competitive fleet capable of meeting changes in the business environment.

The overseas shipping business is a dynamic industry historically subject to major global political and economic changes. We are finally seeing signs of an end to record-breaking shipping recession which began following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We will use our customer support capabilities, backed by the ship management technologies we have developed through our long history, to steadily progress as a multi-industrial carrier offering marine transport services for NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, our shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation and Nippon Yusen, and top global industrial customers such as major Western power companies, steel companies, and grain companies. We will strive to further reinforce our stable business foundation which remains firm in the face of market changes.

It is our firm desire to continue to serve as a partner of choice to our customers, earning the trust of society. Led by our corporate slogan, “Leave it to us,” all of our employees are working as one to make our company even stronger.

We will strive for safe operation by continuing to man and manage our own vessels and dedicating ourselves to crew training, thus contributing to society through marine transport. At the same time, we will achieve sustained corporate development through major future-oriented innovations based on our universal values such as the Mitsubishi Group’s “Sankoryo (Three Principles).” This is how we will satisfy our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders.

June 2018

Kazuyuki Suzuki

Mitsubishi Ore Transport Co., Ltd.
President Kazuyuki Suzuki