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2023.04.19.Green Award Certificate for APOLLON LEADER and SANTA ISABEL

We are pleased to announce that our car carrier APOLLON LEADER and cape-size bulk carrier SANTA ISABEL, both owned and managed by MOT, have become Green Award Certificate holders.

The Green Award Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1994 by the Rotterdam Municipal Port Management and the Dutch Ministry of Transport to promote quality shipping.

Based on the policy that “the quality of shipping companies must be improved to ensure safe ship operations and prevent marine pollution worldwide,” certificates are issued to ships that pass the Foundation’s rigorous inspections, and the certificate holders receive incentives such as discounts on the port dues, port services, marine insurance premiums, and etc.

As of April 2023, approximately 270 vessels have been certified. While our SANTA ISABEL is the first certificate holder as a bulk carrier of Japanese owners, APOLLON LEADER is the first-ever case among car carriers worldwide.

One of our management policies is “pursuit of the industry’s top level of safe navigation,” and the company is committed to aiming for high-quality ship management. We believe that the acquisition of the Green Award certificate is a recognition of the quality of our ship management. However, we will continue to strive to establish our policies. We won’t stop here.